no posts here today

Well, tomorrow really.

Not that I think I will have another Cannonball book read by then, but I felt it important to state my intentions at the outset.

There will be no posts here on the 18th.

I am blacking out (from blogging, commenting, tweeting, etc) in support of the notion that the legislation bouncing around (and at least presently shelved) in Washington, D.C. needs to be killed.

The lawmakers are after something I can support, however they appear to be doing it in the most dimwitted way I believe they could.

And now that I have said that, they will go ahead and prove me wrong.

Bring some of the leading thinkers or mythbusters to the table and make this right.

See you on the 19th…


About Katie

Museum educator, caffiene junkie, book lover, student of history, overall goofball.

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