an unexpected invitation

Sometimes I get chatty on Twitter.

But only sometimes. Usually I use Twitter the way other people use the newspaper (or digital news outlets). I use it as a way to get the news of the day in a timely fashion directly to my electronic pocket device. And information about the field that I work in, the comings and goings of educational policies, hints for planning and programming educational activities…

It’s a lot of research for me, not always a lot of interaction.

In the last few weeks I’ve ‘met’ another lady who is interested in things similar to me, and we got into a rousing discussion about the current understanding of Return on Investment for education. As part of this discussion, she asked me to write a guest post for her blog.

And I said yes!

So in early March I will have an article about current topics in education – specifically about the long-term Return on Investment of informal and free choice learning – will be up on another blog. Imagine that! My musings on another person’s blog.

Will the wonders never cease.

About Katie

Museum professional, caffeine junkie, book lover, student of history, overall goofball.

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