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Katie Humphreys has a Bachelor’s Degree in History and is a graduate student in Museum Professions specializing in Museum Education at Seton Hall University, with an anticipated graduation date of May 2012. Her thesis topic is museum programs serving adolescents whom have been affected by the juvenile justice system. To balance out the depressing nature of her research she has taken up sewing and the Cannonball Read. Currently underemployed at a local historic site, she has grand visions of running K-12 programming for historic sites; including onsite school class programs, outreach programming, summer camps, and teacher trainings. Her thoughts, ramblings, and retweets can be found at @krhumphreys or her blog

I spend an inordinate amount of time invested in the prospect of education and what it means. I have viewed it from many angles, and the more I learn about education, the more I know that we don’t…

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About Katie

Museum educator, caffiene junkie, book lover, student of history, overall goofball.

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