Under what is perhaps an ill-advised decision, I have decided to make an attempt at National Novel Writing Month. This is perhaps ludicrous. No, scratch that – this is ludicrous.

I have made previous attempts at writing. I have an unfinished manuscript Here Again sitting on my hardrive, but the file was corrupted several months ago and I can’t bring myself to attempt to rewrite what was lost. Perhaps after the cleansing experience of NaNoWriMo I will once again be able to go down that literary path.

I have spent the last few months working on flash fictions pieces that may someday form a short story collection, but for the month of November I will be working on a brand new piece entitled Transitions. An excerpt below:

Chapter 1 – Goodbyes


She knew she would be saying good bye forever, but she just couldn’t seem to get the appropriate amount of emotion built up. The moment was going to pass her by, she knew that she was going to fail to give it the proper notice and she would regret it forever. It wasn’t everyday that you said goodbye to a partner, closing a chapter in your life so completely that there would simply be no reopening it. She would need to bury the very part of her that made her able to complete the project over the past 18 months so that she could move on and go back to a normal life. But she couldn’t seem to get there.


Sydney was to the outside observer an everyday practical woman with no discerning characteristics. If you saw her you wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a lineup a few hours later. Her average build and plain Jane brown hair in a sensible cut with contemporary but not overly fashionable clothes had made her perfect for her post. Now they would make her transition easier by half. Her partner would have no such luck. He would have to recreate himself as a pigeon where heretofore he had been a peacock.


Jerome was never unnoticed since he hit puberty, but unlike so many others he sailed through the normally tumultuous period without any of the usual scars. He grew six inches, his voice dropped, and all the baby-fat had melted away in a matter of months, not years. By the time he had become paired with Sydney he couldn’t remember a time when he hadn’t felt comfortable in his own skin, even if it was very different from the chameleon comfort Sydney felt in her skin.


It was this comfort that made Sydney and Jerome such a solid and successful pairing. Neither needed their partner to be their stabilizer, they were able to accomplish that for themselves. They sailed through life with very few eddies to throw them off course. That was until they were decommissioned and sent back to their previous lives.

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