Unf*ck Your Habitat (CBR11 #22)

Unf*ck Your Habitat by Rachel  Hoffman

I’ve intended to read this book for some time. Down in the depths of my depression fellow Cannonballer Siege mentioned on Facebook one of Rachel Hoffman’s tips to Unf*ck Tomorrow Morning – put a little toilet cleaner in the bowl before bed. It was such a small thing, but cleaning my bathroom had become my Impossible Task and it helped get that under control that week and lift the cloud of depression just a little bit.  I knew instinctively that any author who would a) think to write that help category and b) get that specific was someone who could offer some needed help to me.

I swear I knew at one time how to clean, or maybe I didn’t. Maybe I’ve always just really known how to neaten and do a cursory clean? I don’t know, and I’m sure Ale could likely weigh in having been my roommate for several years. Either way – keeping a clean and organized home has been a struggle my entire adult life. So, a book written to conquer just that for “regular” people like me who would just like to be comfortable in a healthy living space that doesn’t expect us to be independently wealthy (no suggestions of thousand dollar closet systems) or minimalist enthusiasts featured in home décor magazine seemed perfect.

Most of what Hoffman writes is just what I needed to be reminded of: be gentle with yourself if you are struggling with a mental or physical barrier, take cleaning on as a continuing project because mess happens always, tackle the easy things every day, on a big clean don’t be afraid to slay your personal dragon – you’ll feel super accomplished having gotten the big thing done. She includes lists of core supplies that will clean nearly everything, checklists for your “basic” cleaning as well as lists of the “10 things you forgot to clean” by location, which was truly eye opening for me, so many things I have missed.

I don’t agree with everything, and sometimes feel Hoffman doesn’t follow through with her own ethos of finding what is right for you. She’s hardline on a few things, one of which I can reluctantly see the benefit of (making your bed every day) and one that I absolutely cannot (closed storage). To the closed storage thing – organized shelves and closets soothe me, and closed doors do not. I am never going to artificially close off shelving or close all closet doors (heck… I only have one closed closet door out of five in my apartment right now and that one is only closed so that another door can open) so that tip will be jettisoned. But, some version of the 20/10 (20 minutes of activity, 10 minutes of break to avoid marathoning and also get your butt moving in the first place) will be more formally added to my repertoire. Perhaps this book has similarly helpful things for you, I certainly hope so.

This book was read and reviewed as part of the charitable Cannonball Read.

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