Gabriel’s Angel (CBR5 #9)

Gabriel's Angel

I’ve returned once more to the land of Nora Roberts. I’m working my way through an intense non-fiction piece about art in World War II at the moment and I needed a break to something fun and fluffy. So while making what has become my weekly trip to the library I picked up Gabriel’s Angel, a new to me Nora Roberts for a much needed palate cleanser. I’m happy to report that this is not as painful as my previous forays into early Roberts fare this year. While this story is simplistic and lacking in the details that mark Roberts later work it is a serviceable story with well drawn leads and an interesting meet cute.

We meet our protagonists, the titular Gabriel, and Laura on a mountainside road in Colorado during a snowstorm. Gabriel is driving up the mountain to his cabin with supplies for what is turning into a blizzard while Laura is driving down the mountain on her way into town on her way to Denver. Laura looses control and narrowly avoids hitting Gabriel, but wrecks her car. With not other choice Gabe offers to provide Laura with a place to stay since there is no chance of getting back down the mountain. The twist is that Laura is secretive about her past, her plans, and is pregnant. Snowed in, Gabe and Laura form a bond and it changes the course of both their lives (of course it does).

I’m not really sure how to rate Gabriel’s Angel. It’s not bad, but I found myself just waiting for the end to arrive. It’s a good, sweet story and although it was a bit cliché, it wasn’t too predictable. And I think that’s what’s keeping the book at good, is that I enjoyed the characters, I enjoyed the twists and turns in the plot and wished that we got a better insight into why these characters make the decisions they do. Side note – this is not really a holiday read, don’t let the cover fool you.