Hyperbole and a Half (CBR6 #3)

Here’s the caveat of this review: I was only passingly familiar with Allie Brosh’s blog when I bought the book. I mean, I was aware of it. I had read about the Alots (who do not feature in the book), the helper dog and the simple dog, and about Brosh’s bout with depression. I knew I like her tone, I knew I enjoyed her illustrations, so I felt pretty confident going in that I was going to enjoy this book. So when the raving reviews came rolling in I went ahead and clicked the link and bought myself the book.

And I absolutely did enjoy it, although I didn’t love it. I think I enjoyed it the way I enjoy the blog. Which is to say, I enjoyed it a story or two at a time (which are handily color coded), but not in the same way I would generally fall in love with a book that has an overarching narrative.  I think this is a problem that I have with memoirs of any sort – if there isn’t an overarching theme or narrative device, or a BIG THING that you’re trying to tell me I tend to lose focus and wander away.

Which is probably why it took a little longer to get through reading this book than I was anticipating.

Now that I’m done bellyaching, let’s talk about what you will find when you too, read this book (because you absolutely should).  Allie Brosh is certainly one of the most honest writers and humorists you’re bound to come across. Each of her essays is full of introspection and views the human condition in a way that will simply make you stop momentarily and think “yup, I know that feeling”. There are many, many, many of them. And if you’ve not read her pieces on depression, well – go do that right now. Because the words she writes are true and insightful. And also amusing.

This is a humorous, fun book and I have managed to write an unhumorous review. I apologize. It’s Monday.

This book was read and reviewed as part of the charitable Cannonball Read.


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